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Lethal Lies Book Cover (3).jpg

The first rule of undercover work—don’t get attached... 

Because when an undercover agent and a sexy copilot find themselves on a plane filled with mobsters, there’s no room for mistakes.

For Elise, executing a by-the-book emergency landing is no big deal, but being stranded in a small town with her handsome and mysterious colleague is another thing entirely. She’s never had a problem staying professional before, but something about this man is tipping her world off center.

Obsessed with getting justice for his murdered father, Eric believes retribution is finally within reach. Until things get complicated. And dangerous. And he’s forced to face a few too many realities.

With their lives—and hearts—in jeopardy, all bets are off.


Lethal Lies is the first book in the Conch Charters romantic suspense series. Coming soon!

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